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Wake Up

It’s true that If U want Friends U must first show Yourself Friendly.. We want respect we must first give respect.. At times we are ask to go further than that by planting where there is none..

Bow before the King

When I bow before the King giving him all my worries and concerns.. empty from Life’s toils and hidden lesson, I am in Perfect position to receive a refill.. New Wings, New Outlook, New Strength.. Hope for tomorrow hidden in the wings of adversity.. Stretched from the experiment and experience whether succeeding or failure.. My courage Tested but I’m greater from the lesson learned.

Monday's Motivation

Change, Inspiration & Motivative Living can only occur when we become a conduit for Empathy to land itself thru Our Eyes of Compassion.. I release myself to this unselfish spirit of Service in my being.. something happens through these eyes of perspective as to why instead of steady focus on what for correction.. It’s that hope in our eyes instead of frustration that creates a listening hopeful lended Ear.. Be the hope U wanna see in others by being hope in our being..

Potter's Touch

Many are lead to Believe that being Favored or Doing God makes things easier.. U couldn’t be more wrong.. In fact there are more challenges but it also makes for comfort and things impossible become possible.. The same issues but with Hope & Faith attached.. Gasoline for the Endurance can Never be wrong! Unperfect but Perfect for the master’s Use.. Raw but clearly usable for the Potter’s touch!

Faith @ Work

There’s a little Good . As well as bad in every good person.. Never count someone out before their season.. It’s gonna take some cross pollination and out of the box thinking to connect with the unknown to make things happen.. Plus A person who is doing less than U is the only one who’s gonna criticize.. Faith @ Work!

Friday's Feeling

Feelings can deceive Us but to live by Principle and to be governed by Faith is my quest.. Hope is the gasoline and Faith is the vehicle.. Feed Ur Faith starve Ur Doubts.. Let’s go!

Thursday's Thoughts

Acquainted with all but connected to none.. Isolated from most but longing to fit.. Born to be different but trying to stay less.. Do wn playing oneself does nothing for nobody.. If U are gifted in Any form and I Believe we all are, then we must share it.. Give Us what makes U feel passionate about life that U wanna stay in the Living...

Thursday's Thoughts

Thursday’s Thought God created Us in his image and that means we have creative Power with what we declare.. Words are spirit! It’s our authoritative Power We’re unaware of.. Words move molecules and create what U speak and Believe.. many believe in word curses but are ignorant to Word blessings.. Speaking life over Yourself as well as family members.. what we say controls the spirit realm.. No one can stop our destiny except our own words.. I Believe what God say’s about me.. I am well able! Founding out what God says about me starts Everything concerning confidence.. If Ur Weak say that U are strong! Just because U feel it doesn’t make it so.. Until U speak it.. Learning Ur spiritual Right

Wednesday’s Wonder

I’ve often wondered about my purpose of being here.. I’ve understood that my longing to fit in was holding me back.. Each of Us has a internalized Clock or Compass that leads Us to who knows where but my quest for wholeness has lead me to many diverse scenarios.. Thru it all.. My Faith is what has sustained me. I shall forever be grateful to Sweden for teaching patience.. with myself, others and the gift I’ve been given. many are called but few are chosen. I dare to exist and more than anything understand & respect the Word servitude! Much given.. much is required...

Tuesday’s Truth

Our words carry weight.. Dangerous is a man or woman with loose lips! Being careful what U say is very wise because U Will reap what U say.. Ur Tongue is connected to Ur spirit! Speak Hope not despair.. Pick & Choose Ur words to fit what U want to see happen.. Challenge Ur thoughts and Words to be careful of Ur mental Downloads!

Life's Journey

As I sit here thinking of the road that I’ve traveled, my eyes keep watering.. It hasn’t all been fun but the road less traveled requires a huge amount of Faith.. I prayed for God to enlarge my territory and He did but it also made things more complicated.. It’s made me a better person indeed.. So grateful to do what I do!

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