Conyer's Corner

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March 25, 2019

Change, Inspiration & Motivative Living can only occur when we become a conduit for Empathy to land itself thru Our Eyes of Compassion.. I release myself to this unselfish spirit of Service in my being.. something happens through these eyes of perspective as to why instead of steady focus on what for correction.. It’s that hope in our eyes instead of frustration that creates a listening hopeful lended Ear.. Be the hope U wanna see in others by being hope in our being..

May 18, 2018

Watch what U pray for because he’ll give it to U If Ur heart is right.. but more blessings means more toil.. Every Harvest comes with Mo’Work.. #Blessings

May 14, 2018

Be at peace knowing that there is a formula for achievement called prayer..

-Prayer of the righteous availeth much..
James 5:16

May 6, 2018

Satan is obsessed with containment of our resources and ur fire.. whether it’s jealousy among Us trying to liquidate Our strength together or simply isolating attacking Our self worth.. Power has been given.. Let’s start Declaring & Receiving OUR Power #KingdomTalk

May 1, 2018

Just so U know .. It's not totally hopeless out there.. It might seem so but It ain't! Folks is doing heroric and caring things everyday.. It just don't make for good news for Tv or anything like that but those are the world changers.. Underground but Real tings a happening.. :)

April 23, 2018

Restict or resist the Idea of being a hater.. monitor Ur intake and cast down thoughts of Envy & Jealousy.. It’s a tormenting spirit unless liquadated down to inspiration..

March 26, 2018

God, Family & Friends is a proper order of conception.. Simplicity is Loving God above anything with Principles & Character as Our Anchor..Perfection is impossible but striving to be Ur highest form of Yourself is within reach..