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Mind Challenge

We are @ War! A spiritual battle for the Word Joy itself.. the thief comes to rob Us of the very things that gives US Power.. Joy is like a jacket that we put on.. The Garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.. Every emotion is a decided scenario.. Take back Ur Power by first offering praise & worship(listening to Gospel Music or offering Urself to the Music and God threw it).. by singing Songs to God.. Make them up with Ur own melody but Enter his gates first with Thanksgiving! Depression, Heaviness & Low Energy requires Us to go to God the Father for a refill.. Go after what’s already Yours with all Ur might by keep the right perspective.. Just as we dress for Cold weather we must also dress for WAR letting only the purest of energy in.. because our intake has a lot to do with it.. Our ears & eyes play a huge role in our soul gatherings.. Guard Ur heart threw these open gates..

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