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Grind Untill the haters need a seat at Ur table provided by the blessings.. Each obstacle & step taken creates a fragrance that turns to Honey and eventually money.. Be not concern with the hows & whens & Whys only continue to stay in flight.. Holding on to the creator hand with all Ur might.. It’ll help U sleep better @ nite knowing that the gift giver has a Perfect timing to place ur Impact! Staying in a humble position (Your Lane) prepared to be his Arms, Feet & Eventually his Heart.. A cup full of You cannot be used Untill Emptied.. Just as an Olive can’t be Used untill it is crushed being Emptied of it contents.. meaning without the struggle It’ll be hard to get to that stuff hidden In You! B encouraged knowing So! Grateful to know he is no longer hiding me and that my struggles has provided the Character needed!

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